Bulk Communication and Data cleaning

Made simple.
Bulk SMS Bulk Email Email list cleaning Mobile numbers cleaning

What we do

From communication between enteprises and individuals and system to system we offer the most convenient and affordable solutions. Email and cellphone number verification are done with speed in mind.

Bulk SMS

Innovative SMS messages sent at high speed and personalised for each customer

Mail list cleaning

Verifying email address of their existance without sending any emails to the addresses

Email marketing

Bulk email marketing with what you get is what you see (WYSIWYG) multimedia capabilities.

Mobile numbers cleaning

Verify existance of cellphone numbers.

What you get?

We offer range of benefits from using our communiations service, including:


* 1 million SMS messages in 40 minutes

* 1 million email messages in 20 minutes

* 400 000 email messages cleaned in 4 hours

SMS Features

* Duplicate contact details auto filtered

* Track each SMS for delivery, read, clicked parameters

Email Features

* Duplicate contact details auto filtered

* Preview SMS/email message before publishing

* Email drag and drop design functionality

* Personalize each message without being filtered as spam

Our Values

Molobeam is on customer obsession. Our customer centric approach allows us to start with customers and work towards building our services.

Our clients


25 Sunninghill Office Park, Peltier Drive, Sunninghill, 2146